Random Acts of Kindness...

The Board of Directors is pleased when given an opportunity to practice random acts of kindness.   We've had several opportunities to support children in our area suffering from Rare Diseases and their families to send the message that they're not alone and that there are others who care!

We have provided the following to families:

  • Cafeteria gift cards for use while at the hospital with their child
  • Gas cards for those traveling often to the hospital due to the in-patient status of their child
  • Gift cards to purchase gifts for their child dealing with an illness


Operation Rejuvenation

This is an annual event that takes place the last Saturday in February in awareness of Rare Disease Day! This event provides a day of pampering and promotes self-care for parents/caregivers of children with  special needs.

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Problem: Pam is a single mother of a 10 year old boy who's rare disease causes him to need special education resources and requires visits to multiple appointments with doctors in various specialty areas.  Because she lives in a rural area several miles from the care that her son needs, Pam makes the decision to relocate so that her son can obtain the best education and medical care.  Due to the challenges she faces as a single working mother, Pam finds that the expense of moving to be overwhelming and more than she anticipated.

Solution: A phone call to Danielle's Hope allowed for Pam to obtain assistance needed to pay the security deposit to turn on the lights in their new home.

The way we do the things we do...

Problem: Jackson is a 2 year old boy suffering from Monoclonal Mastcell Activation Syndrome (MMAS) and Cutaneous Mastocytosis, which causes allergic reactions to many things in his environment such as extreme temperatures, grass, pollen, dust, milk, processed foods, and preservatives in creams and lotions.   

Because of his disease he has to have a lot of special things to keep him safe.  He cannot be in direct sunlight and has to be protected by UV protective clothing laundered in Sun Guard laundry detergent, wear allergen/germ/dust masks while outside of the home, and must use organic household cleaner, detergents, and hygiene products.

Solution: After referral from his Primary Care Provider's office, Danielle's Hope purchased 2 UV Sun suits, masks, Sun Guard laundry treatment, and made a financial contribution towards the family's home ventilation system.

Ronald McDonald House

We served breakfast to the families of the Ronald McDonald House in Durham & look forward to more opportunities to serve these families with children facing medical challenges.