This scholarship has been created to honor the memory of Danielle Jones who was born on Feb. 14, 2002 and passed away on Dec. 25, 2020.  Although her life presented a multitude of challenges, it didn't stop her desire to live a full and happy life.  She loved her family (especially her brother Khadeem, sister Shilysha, her niece Nahla and her nephew Alexander), dancing, listening to music, playing games, participating in school sports (goal ball, cheerleading and track), and talking to her friends.  Danielle had dreams of someday attending college for Early Childhood Development and planned to open her own childcare center.  Her family supported this goal and although she didn't live long enough to fulfill her dreams, we will make sure that her memory stays alive by helping others achieve theirs.

Because we understand the challenges and sacrifices faced by siblings of children with special needs, we are also acknowledging their needs and desires by offering scholarships accessible to them as well.    

Applicants must have special needs and reside in North Carolina or be the sibling of a child with special needs and also reside in North Carolina. Applicants must complete an application by submitting a personal statement to tell a little about themselves, their accomplishments, and educational/career goals.  A written response to the essay questions presented are also required, along with your school's letter of acceptance, school transcript and letters of recommendation.  

Scholarship applications are due April 15th and award letters will go out no later than May 20th.  

Scholarship Application