Financial Assistance

We provide assistance with medical copays, parking passes, gas cards, and other medical related expenses.

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In memory of Danielle Jones, scholarships are made available each year to a NC student with special needs & siblings of children with special needs.

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Special Needs Educators- Acknowledgements

Danielle was impacted by so many people, and she spent many hours with teachers that desired the best for her and the future goals she shared with them. Our organization has decided to create an opportunity and space to acknowledge those professionals within our state that have chosen (or some would say, "Have been chosen.") to be educators of children with special needs. Please use the contact forms page to submit nominations for educators of children with special needs, and educators will be selected during the year to be acknowledged in a very special way!

Operation Rejuvenation

This is a day organized to present a time & space for the Caregivers to be cared for and pampered. All too often, parents/caregivers spend so much time caring for themselves, at the expense of their own self-care. This event is open to any North Carolina parent/caregiver. We encourage you to plan in advance to arrange for at least half the day (preferably an entire day) when this event takes place so that you can experience the relaxation and peace that you deserve.